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Worship Arts Academy

Offering music lessons for all ages. Specializing in all types of music from classical to contemporary styles.

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6100 E. Florence Ave.   Bell Gardens, 90241
(Corner of Florence Ave. & Ira Street)

$225 - Includes 3 Months (GROUP)
45 min. - 60 min. per week

PRIVATE LESSONS - $140 Monthly (30 min.)
Weekly instructions on all classes

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 Music brings life into ones world. Whether its a celebration, driving somewhere, funeral, or wedding; its always more enjoyable when accompanied by music. A musician colors the world intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

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Thank you for your interest in MusicPointPlus. Our Desire is to teach our students solid music fundamentals and enjoy it at the same time. Our teachers are passionate and experienced with many years of formal training and performances. Many of our instructors teach at other fine institutions and church ministries. As a faith-based organization, we promote positive values and respect the diverse cultures of our communities. We teach music in all styles from Classical to Contemporary Worship; enjoyable for all ages and faiths. We use method books which are proven to enrich the students musical ears and and prepare them for a bright future in the music field. Welcome and may your child reach his/her musical dreams.

About Us
MusicPointPlus is a unique music school dedicated to teaching the art of music to any individual at a reasonable price. We believe in developing the individual’s creative spirit. We view ourselves as partners with our students, our teachers, our communities, and our environment. Our promise is to provide the highest quality service to our partners and prepare and excellent music curriculum that gives student the proper education to discover new sounds and create new good music. Our goal is to expand throughout the region, partner with other individuals, organizations, and corporations. Most importantly, our goal is to leave a mark in people’s lives.

We are in Harmony with the World.
We are MusicPointPlus.


6100 E. Florence Ave. Bell Gardens CA


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