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Classes Offered



Our piano class begins with learning how to read music notes, hand placement, theory knowledge, rhythm patterns, and technique excercises.  Eventually the program expands to chord reading and improvisation.  All students will be able to read both right and left hand notes and perform in our recitals.  Continuing students learn from classical to contemporary songs and become proficient note readers.  Many of our students eventually learn other instruments with ease due to solid comprehension of music fundamentals.



Our guitar class is catered for the young student wanting to learn how to read notes, play scales, and chords.  Included in this class is how to strum, read rhythm patterns, and use a tuner.  Students will learn songs and participate in our recital held at end of semester.  The student will enjoy this easy course.



Our bass class this semester will emphasize in how to read music with Fast track bass book level 1. As student progresses, he/she will continue with more advance music fundamentals, finger exercises and techniques.  This course is very easy for the beginner because the student plays along with the CD.  Patterns and styles learned can be applied to other songs with ease.


Topics include reading, following with a metronome, and practice in listening skills. A survey of the grammar of music with emphasis on counting, part writing and literal.

- Read and notate simple beats.

- Identify by ear pitches progressions in drums.

- Understand the relationship between music and the other styles.

- Undertanding the values of each note.

- The importance of metronome for practicing.

- Sight reading Exercises



Elementary Level - The Elementary Level Strings Class is designed to teach students in 1st through 4th grade on how to begin playing the violin or cello. Students begin learning the basics about playing and learning to read music. Students are taught and learn in a group.

Junior Level - Students in the Intermediate Level Strings Class range from 5th through 7th grade. Students learn more material at a faster rate.  Students are primarily given individual instructions. The class is designed to teach beginners as well as students who have experience playing.

Senior Level - The Senior Level Strings Class is designed to teach students starting in 8th grade up to and including adults and is open to all levels including beginners. Students are mostly given individual instructions. They learn to develop skills performing on the violin or cello both as a soloist and as part of an ensemble. Each lesson covers more material and at a faster rate compared to the other levels.



Introducing the voice and how to use the body as an instrument through proper breathing techniques is crucial for the vocalist to discover their voice within.  Posture is equally as important since proper posture supports the voice with a constant flow of air throughout the body.  Eating healthfully and exercising is a must in keeping the body in tune with the health of the voice.  Vocalizing regularly is necessary in maintaining a voice that is in shape and in discovering ones range and full potential.  You will be discovering different aspects of the voice and different genres of music that stretch and provide strength training for the voice are elements of study throughout each class.  The practice in presenting songs among peers provides confidence and freedom in sharing an intimate part of who they are in the form of music.



This course is geared for students who want learn how to improvise and understand how to use chords for composition. Topics covered are scales, jazz chords and progressions, chart reading, inversions, and much more.  This course is vital for ensemble participation.  Student must be able to read music and have a minimum of 3 years proficiancy on instrument.

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